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Sub Packages:

org.slf4j.agent   "-javaagent" routines for SLF4J. The "-javaagent" flag provided in Java 5+ allows for writing agents in Java, which previously was possible in native code only.  
org.slf4j.bridge   Bridge/route all JUL log records to the SLF4J API.  

SLF4J API extensions

org.slf4j.helpers   Helper classes.  
org.slf4j.impl   Implementations of core logging interfaces defined in the org.slf4j package.  
org.slf4j.instrumentation   Java instrumentation routines for SLF4J. Byte code instrumentation is an way to change behaviour of java classes at load time .  

Poor man's profiler API

org.slf4j.spi   Classes and interfaces which are internal to SLF4J.  


ILoggerFactory   ILoggerFactory instances manufacture Logger instances by name.  code | html
IMarkerFactory   Implementaitons of this interface are used to manufacture Marker instances.  code | html
Logger   The org.slf4j.Logger interface is the main user entry point of SLF4J API.  code | html
Marker   Markers are named objects used to enrich log statements.  code | html


LoggerFactory   The LoggerFactory is a utility class producing Loggers for various logging APIs, most notably for log4j, logback and JDK 1.4 logging.  code | html
MDC   This class hides and serves as a substitute for the underlying logging system's MDC implementation.  code | html
MarkerFactory   MarkerFactory is a utility class producing Marker instances as appropriate for the logging system currently in use.  code | html
NDC     code | html