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public class: BlobSerializableType [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Hibernate UserType implementation for arbitrary objects that get serialized to BLOBs. Retrieves the LobHandler to use from LocalSessionFactoryBean at config time.

Can also be defined in generic Hibernate mappings, as DefaultLobCreator will work with most JDBC-compliant database drivers. In this case, the field type does not have to be BLOB: For databases like MySQL and MS SQL Server, any large enough binary type will work.

Fields inherited from org.springframework.orm.hibernate.support.AbstractLobType:
 public BlobSerializableType() 
 protected BlobSerializableType(LobHandler lobHandler,
    TransactionManager jtaTransactionManager) 
    Constructor used for testing: takes an explicit LobHandler and an explicit JTA TransactionManager (can be null).
Method from org.springframework.orm.hibernate.support.BlobSerializableType Summary:
deepCopy,   isMutable,   nullSafeGetInternal,   nullSafeSetInternal,   returnedClass,   sqlTypes
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deepCopy,   equals,   isMutable,   nullSafeGet,   nullSafeGetInternal,   nullSafeSet,   nullSafeSetInternal
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Method from org.springframework.orm.hibernate.support.BlobSerializableType Detail:
 public Object deepCopy(Object value) throws HibernateException 
 public boolean isMutable() 
 protected Object nullSafeGetInternal(ResultSet rs,
    int index,
    LobHandler lobHandler) throws SQLException, IOException, HibernateException 
 protected  void nullSafeSetInternal(PreparedStatement ps,
    int index,
    Object value,
    LobCreator lobCreator) throws SQLException, IOException 
 public Class returnedClass() 
 public int[] sqlTypes()