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Sub Packages:



AttributeCondition     code | html
CharacterDataSelector     code | html
CombinatorCondition     code | html
Condition     code | html
ConditionFactory     code | html
ConditionalSelector     code | html
ContentCondition     code | html
DescendantSelector     code | html
DocumentHandler   This is the main interface that most CSS applications implement: if the application needs to be informed of basic parsing events, it implements this interface and registers an instance with the CSS parser using the setCSSHandler method.  code | html
ElementSelector     code | html
ErrorHandler   Basic interface for CSS error handlers.  code | html
LangCondition     code | html
LexicalUnit   This is a lexical unit for CSS values.  code | html
Locator   Interface for associating a CSS event with a document location.  code | html
NegativeCondition     code | html
NegativeSelector     code | html
Parser   Basic interface for CSS (Simple API for CSS) parsers.  code | html
PositionalCondition     code | html
ProcessingInstructionSelector   This simple matches a processing instruction code | html
SACMediaList     code | html
Selector   This interface defines a selector.  code | html
SelectorFactory     code | html
SelectorList   The SelectorList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of selectors, without defining or constraining how this collection is implemented.  code | html
SiblingSelector     code | html
SimpleSelector   This interface is only for constraints on selectors.  code | html


CSSException     code | html
CSSParseException   Encapsulate a CSS parse error or warning.  code | html
InputSource   A single input source for a CSS source.  code | html