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Package org.zazof.jteg.gui

Interface Summary
InformationVisualizer This class provides an interface for objects that wish to visualize some information.

Class Summary
BoardCanvas BoardCanvas is the class responsible for drawing the Main Screen (the Map).
CardButtonBar This class draws the bar with all buttons in the CardContainerCanvas window
CardContainerCanvas CardContainerCanvas is the class responsible for drawing the Cardset of the user of this client.
ConnectDialog This class implements the ConnectionDialog, which allows the use to connect to a server, either as a player or observer.
InputTextField This class represents the InputTextfield which provides the inputfield for chatting.
MainFrame Mainframe is the central GUIclass.
MenuBar This class represents the Menubar of the main GUI window.
MissionCanvas MissionCanvas is the class responsible for drawing the MissionScreen
MissionDialog This class implements the MissionDialog, which queries the user for the desired missiontype:
PlaceArmiesMouseInput Serious rewrite of the PlaceMouseArmiesInput.
PlaceArmiesVisualizer This class is responsible for visualizing the placing of the armies to assist the user in this proces.
RegroupMouseInput This class is responsible for handling the mouse input when the game state is "regrouping" the armies.
ToolBar This class represents the Toolbar of the main GUI window containing the buttons used during the game.